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  • Mood: Sentimental
Last 5 days of my Kickstarter project, help us get to our goal!

Pledge, share!…

I thank you in advance,
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UPDATE: Currently at 74% funded with 10 days left, get you pledge in now! :D

And can use all the help you can give! Pledge, Share ...Re-Post this journal!

The new Kickstarter link!…
I thank you in advance for all that you do, my friends are truly the best! :happybounce: 


Creator/Writer - John Medeiros

Pencils - Barry McClain kidjersey 

Inks - Peter Palmiotti

Colors - J Primus Dickerson Primus-X

Page 1 End of Days pg. 1 NOW on Kickstarter by PeterPalmiotti page 2 End of Days pg. 2 by PeterPalmiotti
page 3 End of Days pg. 3 by PeterPalmiottipage 4 End of Days pg. 4 by PeterPalmiotti
page 5 End of Days pg 5 by PeterPalmiotti cover End of Days issue one cover by PeterPalmiotti
Color Cover End of Days issue one color cover by PeterPalmiotti
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NOTE: the kickstarter for End of Days was cancelled, a new one is going to posted at a lower goal (Just didn't get enough pledges.) New link soon.

In this video I finnaly got my studio in shape, like/ comment and share this video. ...feel free to tag me if you'd like.

A conversation with the team behind End of Days: Scorched Earth.
Now on Kickstarter -…

END OF DAYS is a new comicbook by Creator/ Writer John Medeiros. Pencils Barry McClain. kidjersey  Inks Peter Palmiotti. Colors J Primus Dickerson Primus-X ! 

Updates and happenings.

Pledge to my Go Fund Me -
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An online gathering of artists sharing their knowledge of art, the business of art and more. Learn, Laugh & become part of a growing community! 

A large group showed up for the latest episode of Artcasters chat hangout, if your an artist and post on YouTube (Or would like to) you should join us next live event!

I post upcoming hangouts in the Artcasters group…

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All those involved with the 100 days of making comics - THEE100s - will be gathering for a hangout to talk about what we are all up to. ...the week after next it looks like.

Details will be coming soon, meanwhile check this video out.

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If you didn't already hear Lisa and I are looking to give our 4 cats a loving home. Problem is our landlord has come down on all tenants with pets and the most we can have is 1 of them. Sucks. :(
If you wish to read the full story go to the Go Fund Me page here -

I also try to explain it further in this episode of Creating Art, # 15.

I'll be doing art actions to get more funds to contribute to our cause.
Contact me if your interested in offering a piece yourself.

Please pass along or pledge something yourself if you can.
Thanks, Peter.
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Awesome to be a fly on the wall (quiet part of. LOL) during this great interview with multi talented Dan Fraga, give this a watch!

I was inking a page of End of Days during. ...which I'll start posting very soon!
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A while back I did one episode of this show and figured it was time to bring it back! Its a video version of my podcast (Which I'll also be returning to.) 

Independent Crossroads with Jay Ferguson, airbrush artist extraordinaire! We had a great one on one conversation while working in our studios.

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Creating Art 14 - 8 HOUR Challenge - Comicbook COVER

Lets see how far I can go!?!
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What keeps you focused? A shorter video I recorded this morning while inking.

Hope you enjoy, a take a moment to subscribe if you haven't already!

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Human Art Studio UPDATE!


You have to do what you have to do!
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Inktober Day 13 is uploaded, check it out now! 

This one was a personal favorite!

Hope your keep up with my videos, there's a lot in each of them.
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