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If you make em',
if you read em',
if you know of someone who reads em',
then join right now!!! :D

Web Comic community on Google+…

All are welcome!
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I'm so looking forward to this, excited by what is developing and what I'm reaching for. Dreams are good, accomplishing them is even better!

Human Art Studio is taking shape!

What can you expect???
That's a lot considering I'll still be inking comics for publishers, doing a lot more writing, working a day job to cover bills (until publishing pays off.) and working with other collaborators on upcoming comics! (Not yet ready to say what/ with who! SHHhhussh.)

Lets hope I can do this right and do it well!


P.S. Anyone looking to support my upcoming efforts, please do so at my Patreon page, or simply share to your friends and help spread the word!
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  • Listening to: Music & podcasts
  • Reading: Your lovely comments
  • Watching: Walking Dead
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I'm sure some of you remember my past attempts at web comics and specifically my creator owned character Bright Eyes, well.. hopefully this will make you happy dance.. she's coming back! 

Bright Eyes_face by PeterPalmiotti
​Regular pages updating every Monday starting in April! Check it out here!

Subscribe on the site if you really wish to show some love! (there are a bunch of excellent comics there, don't miss out!) 

I posted this around, regarding my attempts.... 
'My creator owned character has been waiting a long long time for me to get off my ass and stop fussing about imperfections within my work and myself.

Years of waiting actually, and a few false starts.. but ain't nothing going to stop me now, especially me!'

Here is a quote that Robin Childs recently posted that says so much.
Don't wait "until you're good enough." You ARE good enough to START your project NOW. You'll become skilled only through practice!'

I'm confident enough when it comes to inking but its my pencil work that bounces around from 'Good enough' to 'What the heck is that??' Well, I'm not going to get where I want to be as an artist until I just go for it!

*   *   *   *   *
I'm Going For It! :D :D :D

*   *   *   *   *

I want all of you my friends to please show your support (I need the encouragement, I'm not going to drop the ball again.) Comment on the comic pages as I post them, share the Bright Eyes link with your friends, make this diamond in the rough go viral! (if that's at all possible. haha)

And if your a fan of my work, say, a super fan.. then go here and show your ongoing support for my efforts!

Patreon is a wonderful new-ish site that's really going to be a game changer for creators of all types!

I'm really excited about taking these steps in my career, I hope all of you will join me with every step I take!


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  • Reading: Your lovely comments
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Plenty of episodes will be dropping over the next week or so, so be sure to subscribe to Independent Road podcast on #itunes today so that you don't miss out!

Upcoming episodes will include (but may not run in this order!) Paul CaggegiKevin FreemanTom Rasch, & Jim Lujan!

And did you catch the last two? ..with Geo Brawn IV & Will Caligan, I hope you did! Your independence demands it!…
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Still have a few pieces of art to post here, then after that it will be all new works!!!

The Plan: sketch cards, commissions, inks (most (but not all) of which I'll leave to the creators/ publishers to post.) mini comics, web comics & my own published comics & writings!

There's going to be a lot I'll be involved with coming up, I've made my mistakes and learned so much these past years.. time to get things really going, hope you will all join me!



P.S. I have started the process of removing a lot of deviations from my main gallery, its been a long time coming! I'm not deleting just relocating to Scraps. I want the best work in my main gallery. All art posted to scraps isn't bad its there because.. bad scans/ project never took off/ just sketches.

Main gallery pieces are just finished works!!!
3 Awesome kickstarter campaigns to support right now!

Pandeia By Paul Caggegi…

Denver by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray…

Fist of Justice by Ed Dukeshire

If you know of any other good ones happening right now, post links in the comments below!

Support Independent Comics Today.. and Everyday!

Best, Peter.
Personally I wish Marvel & DC comics never renumbered! 

They don't know what they have. They don't respect it!

Todd McFarlane Says Comic Book Relaunches Don’t Make Business Sense…

Just a short message to mention I have a few guests lined up for my next batch of podcasts... four years, man its been a crazy ride!

Both personally and professionally!

Checkout past episode right here -…

Have a nice day,
1/2 price SALE on original art at my store till MIDNIGHT FRIDAY (est time) !!! 
Now go get your self something nice!

Hope you'll drop by and pick something up!
What's the best advise you heard from a comic book artist or writer?
(ether from them or word of mouth.)

I hear a ton of quotes from famous people but I'd love to hear ones from my peeps in this industry.

Moose Baumann 
United States
"Hey All! I just got word that my wonderful landlord wants to sell the house, and wants me and the girls out by the end of February.

Anyone interested in buying a few prints to help us with moving costs, I would greatly appreciate it! Needless to say, this all comes as a surprise and things are desperate!"
"As some of you may have heard, in recent months I've been trying to sell prints of my work to help pay off bills incurred by my wife's breast cancer treatments. On this site are all of the images I have available. Prints are $20 US each, and that includes shipping to the US and Canada. International shipping, add $7 US to the entire order. Oversized (13"x19") archival paper and inks.

You can contact me here or email me ( ) and tell me what you'd like. Most people send me links so I don't screw things up. I can be PayPal-ed at the same email address ( ), and I also accept money orders. Please make sure you include your street address somewhere."
SHARE or pick up a print if you can,
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
I wish everyone a prosperous and productive new year!

I've got plans but I'll be taking it slow, talk soon.

Between being sick twice (both times recently) and working the late shift at Amazon, just having Thanksgiving dinner ( with my gal lisa's Mom, bother & brothers some friends.) and upcoming Christmas...its going to do just that!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

2014 is just around the corner!


Yep, my brother has join the masses here on DA!

Go say hi!

I may not post much in the coming weeks... or be around ether but don't worry, I will return!

I'm mostly going to be busy catching up on past work, commissions, a possible winter season day job, a year long inking gig (fingers crossed on this one.. something very special I can't yet talk about.) and working on writing my very first novel!!!

Getting my start on nanowrimo! A writers history (time now to start!)

Will be adding new works to my store very soon.

Now go get you something Today! <3
ARENA funding ends 10/31, get in now!!!
Gearing up for the 75th episode of my podcast, Celebrating 22 years in this crazy biz! :O

Episode 74 of Independent Road with guest writer Nick Ahlhelm! Talkin' writing, superheroes, TV & more!…

ARENA comic project campaign ends 10/31/13, Get in now!…

Looking for a November release, fingers crossed! :)

For daily updates and goofiness LIKE my FaceBook fan page here -…
I'll be at KACE on Saturday, come by and say hello!…