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I've been mostly offline working my new day job and possible big plans coming up for my girl and I, I will return as soon as I'm able. ...maybe before the end of 2015.

Hope your all well.
It has been a while since I've posted here, as well as interacted. My comic inking workload has increased (more then doubled in the last month itself.) as well as projects with others. ... but my goal is to work on my own comics, so if you don't already know that I've got a Patreon page go here to check it out. \/ Become a patron for as little as a buck a month!

You can support my efforts and receive behind the scenes work you won't see anywhere else.

I recently updated my Patreon Goals!

Milestone Goals
$100 per month
8 hour exclusive Patreon hangout. I'll take questions while working on my projects.

$1,000 per month
Each of my patrons will receive my latest published comics!

$6,000 per month
I want to be the best at all I do, and do it full time working with others. 

Another reason you haven't seen mush of me lately is that my computer died (Well, it might be able to be revived, working on it.) Until I do get it working, or I'm able to afford a new one I'll mostly just be checking messages for now.

Peace, Peter.
The 25th issue of Studio Synergy. (Okay, episode.) with Charles Ben Jones ArtWilson Ramos JrMichael A. EmeritzEryck WebbSandy Cheairs & Eric FariesCheck it out!

The latest episode of Studio Synergy.

I'm back with another LIVE Studio Synergy hangout, Friday night, 9 pm est.

Now Weekly! 

Hope to see you all there,
In my newest YouTube video, grab a look at what's new in the Human Art Studio!

Subscribe if you haven't done so already, and support my studio so I can make my own creations come to life!

Thanks for checking it all out, love you.
Comic makers are a growing community in the world, join Creator Owned and lets share and grow together!…

I'm hoping to build something great!


P.S. Make sure to introduce yourself and share what your working on. :D
Its that new webcam smell! 
Like, Comment, Share. 

Its Friday as well as the end of July, time to ramp it up and go full steam ahead for August! Wish you all a productive and wonderful day! 

Putting in a new order of art supplies today, finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of my workload. (Inking projects.) By next week I'll be on top of my workload and past a few projects. (At last.)

...its nice, but so much more to do. I'll be posting much more next month at last, as well as getting back on my own personal projects.

SUPPORT all that I do and help build my studio,

Human Art Studio

Thanks for all that do,
I got my first full inks check from Valiant today, now to push and get a boat load of work done this week, time to jump into the fire!!!

See it here -…

Its going to be a looong week!

I've been wanting to post some new artwork here (And everywhere!) but I'm backlogged with work, as well as taking care of Lisa (My girlfriend who has had knee surgery.) ...on top of life just being crazy insane lately.

But I'm still around.

...oh, and my premium subscription ran out, Boo.

That is all.

As you can imagine I've been busy.  With life throwing me left and right curves this past year and especially now with my fiancee's knee surgery I have had the hardest time concentrating and keeping focused. With Lisa's knee healing I've taken on all home duties as well until she's back on her feet, so lately I feel like I've been dragging to get work done but making slow progress. 

Here's me inking page 8 of the comic End of Days (A successful Kickstarter!)

Pencils by kidjersey

If your not already a patron its only a buck a month, why not join. :D

Hope your having a fun and productive summer,

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After a week offline its good to be back, catching up will take some time but then I'll be creating new art and stuffs. (switched internet providers, we'll 'see' how much better things will be.)

Hope you've been well.
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Become a patron and get a piece of me ...for free!

Anyone who is signed up to my Patreon and messages me on there by the end of June gets a free piece of art by me! So join NOW! 

Feeling grateful for all that have joined.


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What's going on you may ask, inking a piece over my friend and penciling partner Barry McClain AKA kidjersey !

For some info go here…

its going to be a wonderful day! :D 

Join me later tonigh!

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SKETCH CARD SALE, NAME YOUR PRICE (within reason.) Bids on my FB profile page)

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