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So figgin happy to have completed the 100 days of making comics challenge at last! 

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Today at 3 pm est. ...the 100th day!!! :happybounce:…

How you'll check it out, its been quite a ride!

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Available for inking Comics as well as commission work, click the video to take you over to YouTube, all links are in its description box.

And check out my store for art as well!

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Good Monday morning to you all! Did you catch last nights Artcasters Chat? No! Well my friends, the link is below.. and while your giving that a watch I'll be working on my Day 92 of my 100 Days of Making Comics as well as catching up on a slew of other work as well. Much to do but happy to be digging in and moving forward!

100 Days of Making Comics playlist -

#makingcomics #monday #GoodMorning #MondayMotivation

What a great & productive week!
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Get your Pre-order today!

Limited edition artist pack, creator owned comic by Peter Palmiotti.…

Bright Eyes color promo by PeterPalmiotti

A few already sold, plenty more to get your hands on.
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The cover to this was made during a group chat and colored for fun (and learning.)


I'll be done next month with my 100 days but continuing making videos, there will be more art videos, tutorials and comic making updates weekly, SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already.

Thanks, Peter.
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Bright Eyes page 3 (almost) complete! Celebrating three fourths progress, its already been a long long journey but its still only the beginning!

I hope your following along not only my journey but all THEE100s!

And if getting your own comic series has been difficult you may just think about taking the challenge yourself!

My blessing to anyone creating and making art.
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Have a great day!

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All my patrons receive sneak peeks before anyone else, think about becoming one yourself and the universe will bestow many happy gifts to you! For only a buck a month. ...Or more if you wish for true enlightenment! :)
(Not responsible for any universe gifts, no backsies.)

Hope you'll show your support, I plan to do another overhaul soon on my Patreon page, but only to improve it.

Tonight is Artcasters chat 7! Its a weekly artist hangout on G+ where we talk about art and the business of art. I want to see if we can get a full house, who hasn't yet been a part of this?!?

Join the Facebook group too!…

Coming up Wednesday 10pm eastern is the very next Studio Synergy 10!…
Studio Synergy is a conversation with a group of artistic friends hanging out while working in their studios! Talking comics, movies, art or whatever pops into our minds.
Watch Studio Synergy 9

I do these with the support of my patrons!

I hope to see some of you make it out.
Next year I will be doing a Kickstarter for issue one of Bright Eyes, but still going to offer this limited run. Everything offered here will be the first run, only place you'll get it. Support Independent creators make their dreams come true!
** UPDATE: 7 sold, still shooting to get 30 copies sold this week, SHARE! ** 

PRE-ODER Bright Eyes issue one here!

Thanks for check out my videos, appreciate all the comments, likes and shares.

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I've made it thru 50 days to reach the halfway point and talk about my comicbook story (What is that you say? I may decide to do a video series after these 100 days but the daily posting of them has been difficult a lot of times. 

Never the less I have made it here to the 50th marker, with more progress on my creator owned projects and that my friends is pretty awesome! 

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Promoting a artist friend of mine and his work, please take a moment to go to his auctions and share them with all of your friends. Truly a talented painter/illustrator (and he has worked in comics too!) You have my many thanks and his.

:iconjefflafferty: Jeff on Ebay -…

Pegasus And Bellerophon by JeffLafferty Indomitable by JeffLafferty Godzilla - Double Sketch card by JeffLafferty

Hulk Painting by JeffLafferty Wolverine Faux Movie Poster by JeffLafferty Boba Fett by JeffLafferty
World Premier of my creator owned character RETRO pages 4 & 5 (in progress!) 
Plus other works in progress as well.

Pencils by :iconfusciart: 
Inks by :iconpeterpalmiotti:

Spread the Love!
This past weekend I hosted 2 hangouts on Google plus, a group of artists sharing information and having fun. I hope you can join in future broadcasts. (I'll posts dates and times later this week.)

I got tagged by :iconcarriehowarth: 

The rules:
You have to paste the thumbs of 2 or 3 deviations of yours, that you posted around this date one year ago.
Then you tag 5 friends, and they shall do the same thing in their journals.

A year ago I didn't post all that much but it does say around that time.

Carnage by PeterPalmiotti

Warm up sketch 4 by PeterPalmiotti

War of the Independents pg. 18 by PeterPalmiotti

Who to tag??? (If your not down to join in, no worries ..I still like you. :)

:icongeoiv75:, :iconmarr-pheos:, :iconshanepeters:,  :iconnoirzone: & :iconbrendancorris:  

And that's my first time playing this silly game, hope you dig it!
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Almost going on 22+ years in the biz, check out my RETROspective pt. 1! I've worked for DC, Marvel, Image, Valiant and a slew of independent publishers, highs and lows and still going after all this time, in many ways just starting ...with my own creations! 
Also on Gumroad as a pay what you want digital download!

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I need to get my website up and running, new art supplies and a camera for my art videos so get something at my store, my Ebay (new art up tomorrow) or commission me a piece! Time to dig in and get serious... Tons in the works!




I thank you in advance, share if you like.

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