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Its that new webcam smell! 
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Its Friday as well as the end of July, time to ramp it up and go full steam ahead for August! Wish you all a productive and wonderful day! 

Putting in a new order of art supplies today, finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of my workload. (Inking projects.) By next week I'll be on top of my workload and past a few projects. (At last.)

...its nice, but so much more to do. I'll be posting much more next month at last, as well as getting back on my own personal projects.

SUPPORT all that I do and help build my studio,

Human Art Studio

Thanks for all that do,
I got my first full inks check from Valiant today, now to push and get a boat load of work done this week, time to jump into the fire!!!

See it here -…

Its going to be a looong week!

I've been wanting to post some new artwork here (And everywhere!) but I'm backlogged with work, as well as taking care of Lisa (My girlfriend who has had knee surgery.) ...on top of life just being crazy insane lately.

But I'm still around.

...oh, and my premium subscription ran out, Boo.

That is all.

As you can imagine I've been busy.  With life throwing me left and right curves this past year and especially now with my fiancee's knee surgery I have had the hardest time concentrating and keeping focused. With Lisa's knee healing I've taken on all home duties as well until she's back on her feet, so lately I feel like I've been dragging to get work done but making slow progress. 

Here's me inking page 8 of the comic End of Days (A successful Kickstarter!)

Pencils by kidjersey

If your not already a patron its only a buck a month, why not join. :D

Hope your having a fun and productive summer,

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After a week offline its good to be back, catching up will take some time but then I'll be creating new art and stuffs. (switched internet providers, we'll 'see' how much better things will be.)

Hope you've been well.
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Become a patron and get a piece of me ...for free!

Anyone who is signed up to my Patreon and messages me on there by the end of June gets a free piece of art by me! So join NOW! 

Feeling grateful for all that have joined.


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What's going on you may ask, inking a piece over my friend and penciling partner Barry McClain AKA kidjersey !

For some info go here…

its going to be a wonderful day! :D 

Join me later tonigh!

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SKETCH CARD SALE, NAME YOUR PRICE (within reason.) Bids on my FB profile page)

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Getting back in gear and on track schedule wise. Lots more videos coming.

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Last nights Hangout! With Kevin W CrossCaroline HowarthPharoah BoldingJ Allen RatzGaz GretskyJohannes VickScott Serkland and Quelyn Gretsky providing our laugh track and moral support!  ...and I as the host, ENJOY! 

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Starting soon 
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I'm back! (At last.) ...will post new week as soon as I grab hold of my schedule. :)

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If you haven't been following JeffLafferty you might not know I've joined his mourning shows over on YouTube. We chat with fellow artists about making art, selling art and everything in-between, all while creating our own art.

On the very first episode Jeff quit his day job and worked at making a living creating his own work and paintings full time. (Though he's been an artist for some time, like most of us not always making a full income.) He did the first 100 or so Artcasts solo talking about all the different ways he promoted his work online, different sites he used and what has and hasn't worked for him.

Jeff first had a fellow artist/ sculpture join him as co-host by the name of Mike Fleming jr. Together they did 5 streams/ shows a week Live in much the same format. after awhile Jeff opened it up even more and included others. Guests like Jay Ferguson, Scott Serkland, Marshall Couture, Will Terrell to name a few came by to talk about art and the business of art from their own personal corners of the industry. Some names you might not have heard of. Most are friends we've come to know from communities that have been building up over the past year between Jeff with his Artcast and group the Artcasters, a comic artist Kevin Cross who formed THEE100s (and the 100 days of Making Comics challenge.) and even myself.    

I'm told over and over how I'm always promoting artists anyway and any chance I get, lately its by being part of these groups. And now I'm part of Jeff's ARTCAST!

Check out the latest episode below, join it LIVE on Jeff's YouTube channel, Subscribe if your not already.…

Also become a part of our growing communities on Facebook.

Artcasters FB group…
THEE100s FB group…
and my own comic related group
Creator Owned FB group…

I'm super excited to where my art career has been taking me as well as forming lasting friendships with people who continuously challenge me as well as inspire! 

Lastly I just wish to mention our artistic efforts can be supported via Patreon.
Here are our links.

Jeff lafferty -

Peter Palmiotti

Kevin Cross
Thanks for checking me out, your ongoing support as well as encouragement and for a lot of you, your friendship.


Today's Artcast #203 
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