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I've made it thru 50 days to reach the halfway point and talk about my comicbook story (What is that you say? I may decide to do a video series after these 100 days but the daily posting of them has been difficult a lot of times. 

Never the less I have made it here to the 50th marker, with more progress on my creator owned projects and that my friends is pretty awesome! 

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Promoting a artist friend of mine and his work, please take a moment to go to his auctions and share them with all of your friends. Truly a talented painter/illustrator (and he has worked in comics too!) You have my many thanks and his.

:iconjefflafferty: Jeff on Ebay -…

Pegasus And Bellerophon by JeffLafferty Indomitable by JeffLafferty Godzilla - Double Sketch card by JeffLafferty

Hulk Painting by JeffLafferty Wolverine Faux Movie Poster by JeffLafferty Boba Fett by JeffLafferty
World Premier of my creator owned character RETRO pages 4 & 5 (in progress!) 
Plus other works in progress as well.

Pencils by :iconfusciart: 
Inks by :iconpeterpalmiotti:

Spread the Love!
This past weekend I hosted 2 hangouts on Google plus, a group of artists sharing information and having fun. I hope you can join in future broadcasts. (I'll posts dates and times later this week.)

I got tagged by :iconcarriehowarth: 

The rules:
You have to paste the thumbs of 2 or 3 deviations of yours, that you posted around this date one year ago.
Then you tag 5 friends, and they shall do the same thing in their journals.

A year ago I didn't post all that much but it does say around that time.

Carnage by PeterPalmiotti

Warm up sketch 4 by PeterPalmiotti

War of the Independents pg. 18 by PeterPalmiotti

Who to tag??? (If your not down to join in, no worries ..I still like you. :)

:icongeoiv75:, :iconmarr-pheos:, :iconshanepeters:,  :iconnoirzone: & :iconbrendancorris:  

And that's my first time playing this silly game, hope you dig it!
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Almost going on 22+ years in the biz, check out my RETROspective pt. 1! I've worked for DC, Marvel, Image, Valiant and a slew of independent publishers, highs and lows and still going after all this time, in many ways just starting ...with my own creations! 
Also on Gumroad as a pay what you want digital download!

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I need to get my website up and running, new art supplies and a camera for my art videos so get something at my store, my Ebay (new art up tomorrow) or commission me a piece! Time to dig in and get serious... Tons in the works!




I thank you in advance, share if you like.

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Well, not exactly in the house but on my latest podcast.. the latest episode of Independent Road! 

One of the hardest working men in comics, Freddie Williams!…
tonight, July 15th 11 pm est. Drawing Darkseid!

Doing a Ustream in a few, not sure what to draw but I'll think of something.…
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I won't post everyday here but here are days 3, 4 & 5. 

By next week I'll have new art and information about something else going on that's a bit special. (HINT.)

Hope you all are great, talk to you soon!

Days 1 and 2 so far.

We artists don't always make the time each day to work on our own personal projects. 100 days is meant to forge that habit and help us to one day be free of client work, a day job or any obstacle that may get in our way. Join me on my journey each day as I put in my time to follow my dream of making comics! #the100s 

Here's my 100 Days YouTube playlist -…

SOON! (Midnight!) 

I can almost taste it!
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only 6 more to go!
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...its coming. 12 hours time!
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...its coming.
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What is Studio Synergy? And how could I have missed out on the first 3!?!
Studio synergy is a conversation with a group of artistic friends while hanging out (Google hangout, on G+) talking comics, movies, art or whatever pops into our minds. All while working in our own studios!
You may have missed earlier episodes because it has been some time since I have done them.

Join me for the very next episode - July 3rd. Thursday night, 8 pm est.

Here's the whole playlist link -…

On episode 4 was... 
Jon Grasseschi :iconzomburai:
Paul Caggegi :iconflawedprefect:
June Maillet AKA Skrael -
..and me. :D

Hope you like what you see, they will only get better! (Still figuring out how things work. ha!)


Studio Synergy 5 event page here.…
Parts one & two are uploaded, check them out and share if you can. channel needs all the love it can get. :)
(I'll scan the original art and post it up soon.)

Like, comment and share.
H.A.S. DAYs have begun! Making daily creative posts for 365 days! Human Art Studio creates web comic, podcasts, illustrations, videos and more! Beginning June 1st, daily creations previewed on my Patreon page first. Also get W.I.P.s, sketches and behind the scenes magic that no one else will see!

It is my goal to not have a day job and be working on comics full time!

Show your support, and help me reach my goal of making comics (and all else.) full time. 

My patreon page will be updated though out the week until it is complete.

Thanks for checking it out,

Creation is only an idea until you put the work into it!
HAS DAY 1 begins tomorrow.

has day 001 photo HASDAY1.jpg

Human Art Studio (HAS) creates comics, podcasts, illustrations, videos and more! Beginning May 30th daily creations previewed on my Patreon page first.
Show your support, and help me reach my goal of making comics (and all else.) full time. My patreon page will be updated though out the week until it is complete.

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Its been a crazy week. Not the most productive (lawn care, B-day time off & other obligations.) catching up is first on my list! 

Special Note: I just started a donation pool for Premium membership, be the first to join the pool!!! (its located on the top right of my page, coolies.)

UPDATE: Just got the call, I'll be working days at Amazon starting next Friday! (Saturdays - Tuesdays. Day shift.) Warehouse gig, but it pays well and I'll have all my overheard covered while I still pursue my dream... Making/ Creating COMICS!!! — feeling excited. YES!!!
  • The latest Independent Road is up! My interview with Kevin Cross, illustrator, comic maker, rock & roller, father and creator of Monkey Mod!…
  • My slowly growing store of goodies.
  • A few Commissions are on my desk, will be posting those in the coming week. Won't be taking on more until my list is complete!!!
  • Should be getting to all my web comics in the next few days, my collaborative projects need to move up a notch very soon.
  • ARENA has been ignored too long, will be fixing that as well.
  • A new blog soon.
  • Another new video this weekend.…
  • Eat, Sleep, Work, rePETE!
Hope you have been doing well, lets talk again very soon!
Peace & Lobsters,
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